Being a Tourist in Barcelona (video edition)

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After almost a year of living in Barcelona my cousin came to visit me. This gave me the opportunity to re-explore Barcelona all over again, through the eyes of a tourist.

Being a tourist in a place you live is something we often forget to do, but it’s also something that is really important, worthwhile and most of all fun! It will lead you to fall in love with your city all over again.

Some of the places of interest featured in the video include: (in order)

Keep exploring. Keep learning. Stay curious… And whether you are exploring your hometown, a place you’ve been before or visiting somewhere new, keep discovering.

21 thoughts on “Being a Tourist in Barcelona (video edition)

  1. Thank you for sharing! Reminds me how much I’d like to return. I still need to see the following:

    the Magic Fountains of Montjuic
    El Born
    Parc de la Citudella
    Arco de Triunfo
    the Picasso Museum

  2. Last time I visited Barcelona were 3 years ago. I just rented a bike and went exploring around. Was so much fun. This brings so many memories.
    Being a tourist in you own countrie is also needed sometimes. Its good to know ehat you have around you.

  3. It is always fun to be a tourist in your own city – I do that pretty often in Goa. When family or friends come over, it is always a good time to take them around. Lovely Video.

  4. I love Barcelona! I have been there 2 years ago and I visited Park Güell, La Boqueria, Las Ramblas and La Sagrada Familia. A really beautiful place! Thanks for your sharing! 🙂

  5. I am so happy that now that I’ve been to Barcelona, I know what you are talking about 😀 I went there in February, so I didn’t have much use of the beaches, but saw the other things. Such a beautiful city. And sometimes it’s best when we can “play the tourist” in our own city 🙂

  6. I spent a summer in Spain but never made it to Barcelona. Your video makes me want to go back and explore this city. Those magic fountains look really cool!

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