Madrid, Spain (Video Edition)

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Admittedly I did not like Madrid too much my first visit (during my time studying abroad)… there were other cities in Spain that really captured my heart (Seville and Barcelona especially). But luckily I returned to Madrid with my boyfriend, dying to give the city a second chance… and during my second visit to Madrid (in which I made this video) my view on the city really changed, in fact I realized that I did in love the city after all.

There is a lot to love about Madrid, there is so much history and culture that will captivate you. From the Royal Palace, to the Retiro Park, to the Reina Sofia & Prado Museums, to the Real Madrid Stadium… and so much more… there really is something for everyone.

While it still isn’t my favorite city in Spain, it is definitely a city I really enjoy and would love to return to one day. But for now enjoy the magic of Madrid with this video…

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