Los Bunkers del Carmel – Barcelona, Spain

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One of Barcelona’s best worst kept secrets is Los Bunkers del Carmel.

If you’re looking for an completely unforgettable view of Barcelona… look no further. While you can get great views from the more well-known Tibidabo, Parc Guell & Montjuic….the Bunkers of Carmel offer a completely different experience. The bunkers is the place for the best panoramic view of Barcelona.

Originally an anti-aircraft battery during the Spanish Civil War in 1938 the bunkers sit atop the hill of Turó de la Rovira were situated so that they could survey the entirety of the city. After the war, the guns were removed and the bunkers were simply left to crumble. Yet the view from the site was too lovely to stay ignored for long and eventually the old bunkers became known as a beautiful, if a bit remote, place to take in the historic city. Now it is becoming more and more popular, with many people enjoying an afternoon picnic while watching the sunset.

grab a bottle of wine to bring along with you!

I must admit, the sunset view from the top of the mountain is incredibly beautifyl. There’s a 360º sight of Barcelona, which in my opinion is much better than any of the other ones you can find. You can see absolutely everything – the beautiful Mediterranean sea, the narrow streets of Barcelona, the city lights and the high mountain peaks. If you are a photography lover, this is the place to take amazing pictures of Barcelona!

How to get there:

So, the most important question – how to get there? You can see the location of the place on the map.

The closest metro stop is Alfons X (L4, yellow) and from then on you can walk.

or you can take the metro to El Carmel, take the Llobregas exit, and walk two blocks downhill to the bus stop, where you can catch the 86 bus (you can also walk the 1.2km uphill slog from El Carmel station); have the driver tell you when you’re near the Bunkers.

And if you need any more convincing that los Bunkers del Carmel are an absolute must during a trip to Barcelona… here are some more photos.






40 thoughts on “Los Bunkers del Carmel – Barcelona, Spain

    1. It really is the best place to watch the sunset. It’s so cool because in Barcelona the sun sets over the sea, making it even more breathtaking!

        1. The fountains and the bunkers are 2 of my favorite things in Barcelona! Be sure to check back im going to write about some more hidden gems in Barcelona!

    1. When you go to Barcelona, definitely make sure the bunkers on your list. It’ll be one of the best things you get to do in Barcelona!

  1. Barcelona looks huge from up there! I visited Parc Guell years ago and I thought the city was amazing from there, but this looks even more spectacular. And I see you brought a bottle of wine to enjoy with the view! I would, too 😉

  2. Ever been to Madrid, went there for Spring Break one year but I have to say barcelona definitely looks better. Great post!

  3. These vies and hues are to die for! Thanks for adding the map for good measure 🙂 I think enjoying this view with a bottle of wine is the right idea lol

  4. My boyfriend has visited Barcelona a few times and he loves it! He’s promised to show me around when we visit some time in the future 🙂 The first picture with the view of Barcelona is absolutely stunning!

  5. I am a bit obsessed with viewpoints so, it would be great to visit this place. The views are amazing! Those shots during sunset are beautiful. What other viewpoint you recommend on the city?

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