Girona, Spain (video edition)

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One thing that I love to do when I travel is to take videos. I feel that videos really capture the essence of a place and the feelings of a trip very well, in a way that pictures can’t quite do.  I’ve begun to do for most of the trips I go on, I have so much fun recording & making these videos and watching them and getting to relive some of my adventures.  

Back in July my boyfriend took me on a surprise trip to Girona for my birthday. Girona is one of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever been to. It’s very close to Barcelona, about 30 minutes by high speed train. I couldn’t recommend visiting this place enough. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling and I can definitely say this trip was by far one of my favorite trips that I’ve been on.


I will write more about the trip itself… I have so many photos & anecdotes.. but for now enjoy this video of my trip to Girona.




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  1. I am in love with everything about this. This is actual goals to get to travel with the one you love and explore new places. Videos are such a good idea! I may have to try that one of these times… 😉

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