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A week ago I was again lucky enough to take a trip to another one of the warmer towns outside of Bogota. I got the chance to soak up some sun, work on my tan and spend the day lounging by the pool. It truly was a perfect weekend. This was my second time visiting Girardot, and honestly if I could go back every weekend… I would!


As I mentioned in a previous post (Bogota) one of best parts about living in Bogota is the towns that surround the city.  Bogota is 8,675 feet above sea level, and if you leave the city you start to go lower and lower in altitude. Well… as Colombia is so close to the equator, when you go down to a lower altitude .. it gets very hot, very fast, so be prepared for summer-like weather.. So that means you can drive just a few hours outside of the city and arrive to a much warmer climate. And that’s exactly what you find in Girardot.


The warmth of Girardot was a very welcome & much needed change for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I loooove the summer… Well being as Bogota doesn’t really have seasons, beaches or warm weather, a day trip to some nice hot weather was exactly what I needed. I mean this was my first summer that I didn’t even have a summer!


I mean seriously doesn’t this look like a slice of heaven?


And this was booked through AIRBNB … aka the best thing ever. With Airbnb the best part is that you get exactly what you see in the pictures. Hotel photos are always professional, wide angle and enhanced… Sometimes a little misleading? Airbnb photos are taken by the owners. The end result means the accommodation is almost better than expected! Airbnb gives you the option of renting an entire home, a private room or sharing a room, so whatever budget you are on, there is definitely something for everyone.


—-> $40 AIRBNB CREDIT  <—-


I spent some time by the pool soaking up the sun & reading! (if you’re a fan of the Bachelor/the Bachelorette … It’s Not Okay by Andi Dorfman is definitely a must read!)

& this is the view on the drive… which really makes it even better!

Definitely an incredible weekend in an incredible place!

Girardot 1


67 thoughts on “Girardot, Colombia

  1. Such a lovely place for vacation. I haven’t used AIRBNB yet but my Friends who used it recomends it as well. Im just a bit hesitant in using it because as What you have said, the owners (some) are a bit misleading sometimes.

    1. For me airbnb is great… I actually find them to be EXACTLY what you see in the photos. (also there’s a whole section of comments from past visitors so you can really get total information!) … What i meant with misleading photos was with hotels! I definitely recommend airbnb 🙂 (I’ve stayed in 20+ airbnbs in over 10 countries!)

  2. This looks so relaxing – I would love to visit anyplace in Colombia someday! Airbnb does use professional photographers sometimes – as a former host, I was offered photography services, but I do think it’s still a great option for finding unique lodging during your travels!

    1. It truly was a great weekend of relaxing & recharging! I had no clue that some photos are professional, but i definitely really prefer airbnb to hotels! I think there’s a better experience & definitely agree with you on the unique lodging!

  3. This does look like the best possible air B&B! You lucky thing!

    That drive is stunning too! You must have been grinning like a cheshire cat!

    1. it was definitely the perfect weekend, when I left i felt 100000% recharged and relaxed! Thanks for checking out my post!

    1. You should definitely plan a trip to Colombia.. there are so many beautiful Villages & Cities. It’s filled with so much nature & beauty. Airbnb has some really beautiful properties it really is my favorite booking site!

  4. Glad to see you living life in the sunshine, sweetie! Soak it in and enjoy every second.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon! 😘

  5. wow you got super lucky with your Airbnb ! The pool is amazing ! I would love to visit Colombia one day! Such an interesting and beautiful country! Enjoy !

  6. Seeing your photos makes me want to pack up and head to Colombia RIGHT NOW, not to mention that pool looks absolutely incredible. TAKE ME NEXT TIME!

  7. I haven’t been to South America yet but Colombia is on my list. Your Airbnb stay was amazing, it definitely looks like a resort, I totally agree, Airbnb all the way. Now I don’t see the point of a hotel unless there is no other option

  8. I fully agree with you: this look likes a slice of heaven ! The pool looks absolutely incredible and the place seems so relaxing… Colombia is a bit unknown to many people but it is fascinating, right ?

  9. Stunning. What a magical and peaceful place. I’m hoping to go to Colombia for the first time next year and I’ll definitively put Girardot on the plans 🙂 Enjoy!

  10. Lovely! What a place to spend a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend! Your pics are making me crave to visit this piece of heaven now 🙂 I have never been to Columbia but of course it’s on my list. Enjoy!

  11. I haven’t taken the plunge yet with booking an AirBNB yet but this place looks absolutely gorgeous! Might just have to give it a go thanks!

    1. Such a page turner, she was by far my favorite Bachelorette & I really enjoyed the book! (& it didn’t hurt to read it with that view!)

  12. I cannot believe that you landed on such an amazing location with AirBnB. When I saw the first picture I thought, wow, what a nice holiday resort! Amazing! And I can understand how a summery weekend away is exactly what you needed. I wish I could drive a few hours and find some warmth and sun! Thanks for sharing =)

  13. Uau! What a stunning place! Such a great feeling when you find gems like this through airbnb, isn’t it? Found one too this summer and completely changed my expectations from now on! 🙂

  14. Omg this looks amazing. So nice that you don’t have to travel far for the climate to change. And I cannot believe that was an AirBnB. The pool looks amazing!! Can’t wait to visit Colunbia.

  15. The weather looks perfect and it looks like you found the perfect place to enjoy it in too. You made a good point about air bnb photos being from the owners rather than enhanced hotel ones, it can be shocking when the accommodation looks nothing like the photos!

    1. We really got lucky! Airbnb I’ve always had great experiences, hotels not so much (& it doesn’t hurt that Airbnb’s are usually much cheaper!)

  16. Hey Sam,

    I think we’re kindred spirits! Haha! I’m also a fan reading a book on a sunny day and y’know, living overseas – that’s basically my whole blog niche (and a great summary of my life!).

    Also, I’ve heard such amazing things about Colombia, especially Bogota, so thanks for sharing this and reminding me that I need to visit soon. It must be a pretty interesting place to live.

    Lovely to find a blog with great content by a fellow expat/nomad!

  17. Ok, I’ve been dying to go to Colombia! Thanks for introducing me to this town, I had never heard of it. It looks like paradise…will have to take a side trip from bogota!

  18. What a stunning place! The photos are just beautiful 🙂 do you suffer from altitude sickness being so high up? I’ve always wondered what it’s like!

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